Early Plan 2017 2019
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Swartz-Manning Virtual Reality Museum

1. Phase one - 2D Museum in 3D world

  • Start Development with Sketchup, Unity, GitLab and GitKraken - COMPLETED 12/12/17

  • Create demonstration building with exhibits as proof of concept. - COMPLETED 12/10/17

  • Get video going in the demo with Brewster’s Howl playing. - COMPLETED 2018

    • Further Description: Create demonstration video so folks can still see
      what it looks like, even if they don’t have Oculus or Google Cardboard.
  • Get it working in Google Cardboard. - IN PROGRESS

  • Create Art Gallery -COMPLETED 2018

  • Create Art Gallery template so artists can join our gallery easily. - IN PROGRESS

  • Keep adding to Swartz-Manning Museum - IN PROGRESS

  • Use VR Chat to provide multiplayer support -COMPLETED 2019

2. Phase two - 3D objects in 3D world

  • Start photogrammetry process - Lightbox with spinning object inside (now using ) -COMPLETED 2019

  • Lisa has a Sony 7D and tripod she will bring next Tuesday night.

  • Bernice: with work with using overlap/interlace program and also taking pictures.

  • Claire has a photography friend that might want to help too.

  • Once we device our technique, I will bring over the historical items to model.