The Swartz-Manning’s first exhibit will provide a detailed history of Aaron Swartz Day.
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Swartz-Manning Museum VR

Platforms Supported

  • VRTK Desktop (SteamVR currently)
  • VRChat (Pull the vrchat branch as it uses Unity 2017)

How to use VRChat to visit

The easiest way to visit SMMVR is via VRChat.

  • You can use VRChat without VR goggles in desktop non-VR 3D like a non-VR game.
  1. Install VRChat
    1. Steam Version for Desktop Windows (Even if you have OCulus Rift, get Steam version so you can log in without VR goggles in desktop mode).
    2. Oculus Version for Oculus Quest
  2. Create a VRChat account and login.
  3. Hit Escape to open Settings.
  4. Aim at settings and click.
  5. Turn on “Show Community Labs”. (Otherwise you can’t visit and it will not show up in Search).
  6. Search for “Swartz Manning” or visit the world invite link:
  7. Launch the world.


First post in VR Chat

First post in VRChat

Learn more on our Wiki.